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5 Things You Don’t Expect on a Typical Cancun Boat Tour [PHOTOS]

You and your family have decided to spend some precious vacation time in the Mexican Caribbean, and have decided to indulge in a Cancun boat tour. You want to see the area in a new way, relax and have some fun. I’ve run the gamut of experiences on boat tours and frankly, I’m ready for the unexpected. Here are some things you might not expect when booking or chartering a boat while in Cancun….

  1. Excellent Food
Cancun boat tour

Salmon Tartare and Patrick’s Secret Recipe Sauce…he could tell you what’s in it, but then you’d have to sleep with the fishes.

When you see what is served on most Cancun boat tours, you’re likely to see one or more of the following:

  • Burgers. Or at least from frozen meat concoction they say is a burger. No gracias, I can get bad burgers back home. And if I DO have one, it had better be amazing!
  • Hot dogs. Tubular meat and meat by-products. Again, we can find c#*#py food where we come from. We don’t want it on vacation.
  • Stale chips and store-bought salsa, or some half-hearted attempt at nachos.

What do we want? We want fresh seafood. We want great cuts of beef. We want gourmet. We don’t require the boat to have a Michelin star, but we like our food fresh, tasty and well-served. Can I get an Amen, foodies?!

  1. Excellent Drink
cancun boat tour

The wines pour generously aboard the Moana

Cancun boat tours (and tours in general) are notorious for serving watered-down drinks and less-than-stellar beverage service all around. Even the sodas for the kids are off-brand box-store purchases.

You deserve top-shelf liquors, wines and beers, along with fresh juices, lemonades, mineral waters, and yes, Cokes for the kids. You work hard for the money, so we’d better treat you right (if anyone gets the 80’s musical reference you get extra points).

  1. Fantastic Service
cancun boat tour

Monsieur Patrick Jouault…he puts the “S” in “service”…

Like I said in numero dos above, you work hard for your money. You sacrifice time away from family and loved ones to earn a living, so when you are here in Cancun on vacation, you deserve to be pampered.

Take your shoes off. Lounge. Let yourself be pampered, so all you have to do is nothing at all. Snorkel if you want to. Or don’t. Lay out on the trampoline on the deck, or hang out under the awning out back. Grab a quick nap down below in the cabins and come back fresh for dinner and fun (even dancing!) among friends.

  1. Value
cancun boat tour

That view? Priceless…

Value, for me, is feeling like I got equal to or more than I paid for in return. If I paid almost nothing, and got very little, then I supposed I got some sort of value. Of course, I got very little. And as noted before, I can get very little back home. If you pay more, and get a whole lot of benefits out of it, is it worth it to you? It is for me.

By doing your homework, you can find superior value if you take into consideration your cost of meals, drink, fun, service and transportation.

  1. Telling Everyone About it

In this age of social media and information overload, you can pretty much find out something about everything. And if what perks your ears up when you are planning a vacation in the Mexican Caribbean is a Cancun Boat Tour, then perhaps you should check out user reviews. Like TripAdvisor.


What do the truly non-professionally written reviews say about the service? What are the pros and cons? What do you feel when you see the photos?

cancun boat tour


One thing is for sure: you’re coming to Cancun, Isla Mujeres or the Riviera Maya on vacation. After spending some time on or near our dreamy blue waters, you’ve decided to rent a boat and sail the seas around the area.

cancun boat tour

But what if your boat tour doesn’t offer the points mentioned above? Friend, you may want to re-think your choice and talk to the people at Moana Catamaran Cancún. Led by owner Patrick Jouault, you have gourmet food and drinks to relish. Talk to Patrick and plan a stunning menu with tequila-flamed lobster, or steaks, or chicken, served with beautiful salads and breads. Patrick has spent much of his life in the food, beverage and service industry, and he finally has the chance to put his own stamp on what he serves.

cancun boat tour

Patrick with some goodies while Rubén pilots the vessel…

His captain and first mate round out the small crew, but these gentlemen have it ALL worked out. They manage to work out the details of handling a 40-foot sailing catamaran around Cancun and Isla Mujeres, cooking, serving and making you feel all-around fantastic. Enough to want to do it every year. And people do.

cancun boat tour

She’s a beauty even in black and white…she’s the Moana.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Moana’s web page here or send them an e-mail with your travel dates and questions. Get honest reviews from our guests at TripAdvisor, and see how much fun people are having at our Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s all real, and it’s more affordable than you might think. But don’t take too long…dates fill up quickly as we like to keep our groups small for a superior experience.

La vie est belle! And life is even more beautiful aboard the Moana!

Catamaran Moana

The Moana is a luxury 40-foot Fontaine-Pajot sailing catamaran, ready to take you on a Caribbean sailing adventure. It is owned and operated by Patrick Jouault, originally from France, who has a deep base of knowledge and experience base in gourmet food, fine wines and top service.

Find out how easy and affordable it is to charter a day trip out on the Moana and the adventures you and yours can enjoy aboard. E-mail this beautiful Cancun catamaran directly at info@moana.com.mx or call (52) 998 734 8568 today.

And make sure to see and LIKE our Facebook page, and don’t be too shy to share our blog and website.

Salud… and enjoy the blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean! Remember, you’re on Vacation!


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