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6 Things NOT TO MISS Your First Vacation in Cancun


You did it. You did your research and talked to a few friends who came back raving about their vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. And now you’re coming. So you plan on doing a little relaxing, and enjoying some of that amazing beach and water by the hotel, but what else is there to do?

Most importantly, what should you not miss?

Fear not amigo or amiga. We’ve (I’m using the Royal “we” despite being American) been living here for just over 25 years, and seen and done most of what there is to do. I think we can help.

I have 6 suggestions for you based on 6 different activities, environments or speeds for you to enjoy on your first vacation in Cancun.

So let’s get this started off by doing a little relaxing and then we’ll pick up the pace some.


  1. Get Some Chill…

    vacation in Cancun

    If this doesn’t scream CHILL, I don’t know what does!

You work hard. You and your family have school and work routines that get you up early and keep you away from each other for extended periods of the day. Not here. Not today.

Make it a point to spend at least your first day of your vacation in Cancun doing…nothing. Spend it out on the beach. Get some vitamin D. Watch the kids splash around in the hotel pool. Eat some food and have a drink or two. Veg.

Relax. Re-charge. Regroup. Get some new energy in those batteries so you can have some stored up for the adventure that is this week. And then visit…

  1. Something Old.

    vacation in Cancun

    Ek Balam…

Cancún (yes, it has an accent over the u), Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya are not only scenarios for huge, sleek beach hotel complexes. There is history, even pre-history here.

While visiting the archaeological site at Chichén Itzá (more accents and I hate using the word ruins) is a popular thing among vacationers, you have other options for experiencing vestiges of the Mayan culture while here. Look into areas like Tulum, Cobá, or Ek Balam for less-traveled sites. Kids may grumble (at first) about the educational aspect of their vacation, but those sites can be sooo cool. And the view from the top of Nohoch Mul pyramid at Cobá is a “wow” reaction at any age.

  1. Something New

    vacation in Cancun

So you’ve seen the ancient. Now it’s time to hit something recent. Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya have no shortage of new and modern facilities.

Spend a golf day out at one of the 20+ courses between Cancun and Tulum. Jump your head off on the trampolines out at Sky Zone and be a kid again. Bring out your inner Rambo and go paintballing at one of several courses not far from the Cancún Hotel Zone. Or put on your swimsuits and go to Ventura water park. You have some lovely new options and there are always new ones.

This just in: they’ve just opened a huge Ferris Wheel out in front of Plaza La Isla. It’s called La Gran Rueda…think London Eye, but in Cancun!

  1. Something Purchased.

    vacation in Cancun

It’s time to break out the plastic and hit the stores. There is some shopping to be done. If Cancún has anything, it’s stores. If you forgot to bring something, you can find it here.

Tip: If you’re looking for deals, do NOT waste your time by going to Market 28. Most stalls there sell the same tired touristy merchandise there and dubious “silver”. For the time it takes to get there, go to a Plaza La Fiesta store in one of the malls in the Hotel Zone. You’ll enjoy the AC, selection and by the time you factor in time and money spent to get downtown, you’ll break even.

Higher-end shopping abound at la Isla Shopping Village and Kukulcan Plaza. La Isla boasts shops like Tiffany (for that ring), Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and a host of other name brands. The same mall also has a Boutique Palacio department store (think Sak’s or Nordstrom) featuring a lot of the higher-end brands and a few new ones for you.

If you want a great selection of perfumes and luxury brands, hit Ultrafemme at Plaza Kukulcan. Ultra is the undisputed Queen of scents, lotions, creams, etc. and around the massive shop you’ll find Luxury Avenue, with brands like Cartier, Burberry, Bvlgari and Hermés.

  1. Something Blue

    vacation in Cancun

    No filters needed…

You’ve hit the beach (remember Day One?). Now it’s time to spend some quality time in the amazing, life-changing turquoise blue water you saw online and on TV. Those images have NOTHING on the real thing. Whether your swimming in the water behind your hotel, or snorkeling in the Bahia Mujeres (between Cancún and the island of Isla Mujeres) or sailing down by Maroma or Playa del Carmen, the Big Blue is everywhere.

You will see a thousand shades of blue and turquoise and teal and aquamarine and all the other bluish colors from the Crayola 64 box. You’ll catch yourself staring into it from your balcony. It’s ok. We live here and we still do it.

Rent a boat. Take a tour around Isla Mujeres. Go down to Xcaret and Tulum and marvel at the temperatures and views.

The water is miraculous here. It would be a shame if you didn’t experience that miracle to its fullest.

  1. Feel the Rush!

    vacation in Cancun

After powering up from some relaxing, get a little (or a lot) of adrenaline flowing through your system. Whether it’s flying through the forest canopy on zip lines that go REALLY fast and far, renting jet skis, kiteboarding, jet-packing or diving off the side of the catamaran and swimming with sea turtles, you have no shortage of thrilling adventures to experience while here.

Definitely spend at least a day rushing through the air, sea or land and shouting at the top of your lungs. And take pictures and video. These are the memories you and your kids may treasure the most.


vacation in Cancun

So…why would a luxury catamaran rental service be advertising the competition? Easy.  It’s because although we know we provide a top-notch service for you, we want you to experience all of what Cancun and the Riviera Maya have to offer so you make our area an annual family tradition as many have done.

Each time you come to spend a vacation in Cancun, Isla Mujeres or the Riviera Maya, you can enjoy a different experience or make some yearly vacation traditions and bring new friends and family into the fold with every visit.

vacation in Cancun

Get married here, honeymoon here or celebrate your anniversary here every year!

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought and a starting point to start Googling options for an amazing first (or twentieth) vacation in Cancun and surrounding areas. If you need some ideas, feel free to drop us a line here and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!


vacation in Cancun

The Moana in all her glory!

At the Moana Cancún Catamaran, we believe we can give you all of these things. A few minutes with owner/operator Patrick Jouault and you’ll put together an experience that you and your family will love. He’ll tailor-make your time in the Bahía de Mujeres to your likes and needs. Want lobster? he’ll get fresh Caribbean lobster. Want to snorkel in Patrick’s secret spot? How about seeing the sunset, so you can get some AMAZING photos? Need super-comfy cabins to put the kids down for a nap after lunch? We really do have a lot to offer you. If you check out our reviews at TripAdvisor, you’ll see what we mean.

But don’t just take their word for it, see for yourself!

Catamaran Moana

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Salud… and enjoy the blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean! Remember, you’re on Vacation!


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