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Which is the Best Cancun Catamaran on Trip Advisor?


I wanted to buy a computer for my son so he could use it for graphic design for college. So what did we do? We Googled. We looked at models, types, capacities and benefits until we had an idea of what to get.

Cancun Catamaran

Once we’d narrowed it down to about five models, I looked for online reviews, saw some pros and cons, and finally forked over the money.

And then I stopped to think, “wow, this is what people must do when they want to figure out what they want to do when they come to Cancun and the Riviera Maya on vacation!”

So I Googled Moana Cancun Catamaran, and in Trip Advisor I was blown away by what people had to say about our boat, crew and experience. These five really stuck out as special and I want to share them with you.

Why share? Because it’s one thing when we blow our horn, but it’s much more authentic when you blow our horn for us, and give all of you thinking about spending some hard-earned cash on vacation activities the truth.

Here are 5 truths:

1. Cherish the Day…

Cancun Catamaran

We all need a vacation every now and then where we can relax and let someone pamper us. Patrick and his staff can do just that. And if you’re extra nice, he may even share a recipe or two with you!


2. Let’s Do it Again!

Cancun Catamaran

Evidently our competitors serve a different menu and may have different service. We aren’t here to be like everyone else. Wee want you to feel extra special during your time with us on the Moana…but if you do want chips and salsa, Patrick will whip up a batch that’ll knock your socks off!


3. The Best EVAHHH…

Cancun Catamaran

We have a lot of travel and events planners as guests, too. They need a break as well! They won’t fall for smoke and mirrors, so we’ve got to deliver the goods. And Patrick and the crew definitely deliver!


4. Surprise Guests…wait for it!

Cancun Catamaran

Nor rain nor sleet nor lunchtime storm will deter our guests from having an amazing time on the Moana! Patrick knows all the best spots to anchor down and get you snorkeling in the Bahia de Mujeres…hence the sea turtle sighting!


5. More Bang…for your peso.

Cancun Catamaran

You would think that once of the most high-quality and luxury Cancun catamaran experiences would be the most expensive. Think again. Patrick and the Moana give you real value for your hard-earned travel money.

And it was so good, they did it again! I’m sensing a theme here. Let’s see you again next year, friends!

Cancun Catamaran

Repeat guests!

Social proof. We look for stars and reviews and ratings online, and cross-reference similar products or services before we make a choice. At the Moana, our immediate feedback are the smiles, laughter and hugs we get when the trip is over. And you all say you wish it wouldn’t end. And then you do it next year.

Want to see more social proof that the Moana is a must-do for your next vacation in Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya? Check out the reviews here! All 5 stars!

Catamaran Moana

Find out how easy and affordable it is to charter a day trip out on the Moana and the adventures you and yours can enjoy aboard. E-mail this beautiful Cancun catamaran directly at or call (52) 998 734 8568 today.

And make sure to see and LIKE our Facebook page, and don’t be too shy to share our blog and website.

Salud… and enjoy the blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean! Remember, you’re on Vacation!

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