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6 Tips to Create the Perfect Sailing Vacation in Cancun!

  So you and the familia are in Cancun, Isla Mujeres or the Riviera Maya. Somewhere online you saw something about a  catamaran sailing trip that would take you around the Bahia de Mujeres, which included a little snorkeling and other goodies. It sounded intriguing and different from what your friends have done while down here, and as you consider yourself more a traveler than a tourist, you clicked and booked an 8-hour cruise on something called “The Moana”.

sailing vacation

The Moana Catamaran Cancun…photo by Mandy Garvin Photography

Now what? If you take the following trip tips into consideration (I refuse to say “Trip Hacks” on principle), you may just end up changing your life and having an amazing sailing vacation!

Tip 1: Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

sailing vacation


Forget your schedule. Forget that mountain of work waiting for you when you get back home. Forget the bills. Forget little Becky’s soccer tryout in two weeks. Forget Johnny’s SAT in a month. You did NOT leave the stove on.

Focus on the NOW. Focus on each other right NOW. You have your friends, your family and a significant other who want and need love and attention, and you are all on a beautiful vessel slicing through the waters of the Bahia de Mujeres.

sailing vacation

No filter needed here…

This may just be the most beautiful body of water you’ll ever see. Dolphins may be following the boat—it’s happened. Listen to the wind in the sails. Feel the sea spray. Smell the delights coming from Patrick’s galley. Taste that first sip of that cold concoction from the bar. It’s on…

Tip 2: It’s Time to Unplug

Sailing Vacation

This family needs a little Moana Time.

This is really the Part II of Tip 1. It’s time to unplug, turn off, and put away the electronic devices. This means cell phones, iPads, iPods, and i-anything that uses wi-fi, Bluetooth or smoke signals. For the sake of emergency, keep one cell on, just in case, but don’t look at it every five seconds!

Resist the temptation to post everything that is served, done or seen immediately on Instagram or Facebook or Reddit or Tumbler or whatever and engage fully in what is going on around you rather than being a half-participant.

Look at each other, look at the water, the sails, the skylisten to the music being played aboard. This trip is a feast for your senses, so let them do their job!

sailing vacation

All you need is to be here NOW.

Unplug from the digital matrix for a few hours and plug into the immediate environment around you. You will survive. Hell, you may even thrive. You will thank me for this tip.

Tip 3: Come Hungry

Sailing Vacation

Seafood wontons? Why yes, thank you!

There will be food. It will come in waves. Perhaps in the morning, it will be warm drinks and sweet bites. And then salty bites. And then something from the sea. Maybe something hot and spicy. Real spicy. Be careful with the habanero. Then there will be something from the land. And some things from far-away lands. And maybe some tastes that you may think “WTF?” before popping them into your mouth for a delicious new food experience.

sailing vacation

And something fresh out of the water…

Peaches and spinach? Yes! Tequila and Lobster? Si, por favor! Just one bite.

sailing vacation

Bob appetit and Buen Provecho!

Say yes to the food. This is an adventure for all the sense and taste has been served!

Tip 4: Come Thirsty

sailing vacation

The Master. Monsieur Patrick Jouault

There will be drink. You may want to read the previous statement with the voice of Morgan Freeman to give it more gravitas.

Coffee, tea, water, and juices will abound for those too young or not able to partake of fermented or distilled libations. Because there will be some drankin’ for those who wish to partake. There shall be beers, wine and spirits you may know, and others you may not.

sailing vacation


If Patrick knows anything, it’s his vinos (or more correctly his vins, as he is French). On any given voyage you may taste wines from his native France, or the US, or Italy or Argentina or Chile…the list is varied and changes from season to season and from meal to meal.

Tip 5: Dance Like No One’s Watching, because no one is watching–we’re on a Boat!

sailing vacation

Dance, dance, dance!

There will be music. Patrick has great taste in tunes. I was pleasantly surprised my first time aboard when the first song to great us while removing our shoes (no shoes allowed on board) was from Morcheeba. “Well, played, Monsieur Jouault”, I thought and was happy to hear music from all over the world that not only pleased me but the other guests as well.

A couple of hours later we were all dancing and singing. Perhaps Tip 4 had a hand in this. The jury is still out with a bit of a hangover from too much Tip 4.

Tip 6: Sail. Rinse. Repeat!

sailing vacation

12 kids on a boat…this should be interesting.

Q: What do you want to do when the rollercoaster ride is over and you had an amazing time?

A: You get back in line to do it all over again!

There is no greater compliment for us here at the Moana than to see someone who wants to enjoy our beautiful catamaran again. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a comment on our Facebook page from someone who had taken their second charter of the Moana…and posted a few pictures on her Instagram feed to that effect. They couldn’t wait for next year already!

Sailing Vacation

Just you and yours on the big blue Bahia de Mujeres

We’re sure that once you try us, you’ll make us part of your vacation traditions when you come to Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya. But we’ll do something different next time: we’ll change the food or the drink, or the route or the activities based on the conditions or time of year or your desires. Every time will be a new experience for you and your family and friends to disconnect from the routines of life and re-connect with Nature and each other!

Catamaran Moana

If you’re in Cancun, Isla Mujeres, or the Riviera Maya,  find out how easy and affordable it is to enjoy our Lobster Dinner Cruise and a day out on the Moana, and the memories you and yours can make aboard. E-mail this beautiful Cancun catamaran directly at or call (52) 998 734-8578 today.


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